Obsessions (1)

Hi Lovely People,

I’ll start with a short story. My sister and I hated make-up when growing up. We had seen so many women looking so bad with make-up that we vowed never to use any, but that vow was broken quite fast.

In my 2nd year of high school I discovered eye shadow and I was excited. Started experimenting with different colours and that’s when I realised that make-up is meant to enhance your features not make you look like a scary clown.

Thank God for YouTube, ’cause I love me some make-up tutorials, they’re fun to watch and I learn some new tips every time.

Though I love make-up, I don’t wear much, all I use is; eye pencil, eye shadow (when I’m feeling girly), mascara and a lipstick/lip balm/lip gloss (depending on my mood).

As the title states, i have a couple of obsession and I’ll be sharing them with you one by one.
Today, I’ll show you my lipstick collection. I started collecting in Sept last year so it is small, but I plan to buy like 2-3 lipsticks a month to add to the collection. 🙂

Hope you enjoy and talk to you soon.

Hugs & Kisses,



•Clarion #2
I love this red colour. I’ve worn it a couple of times and it applies very well. It’s also moisturizing.
Super Cosmetics Ksh 145.

•Clarion #17
This is 1 of my two pinks, I haven’t actually worn it before. You need to apply a coats with bloating in between. But I like it.
Super Cosmetics Ksh 145.
•Island Beauty; Fushia
My second pink. It’s fushia. Not my favourite, it’s quite drying and also needs a couple of coats.
Super Cosmetics Ksh 290.
•Island Beauty; Passion wine
This is my everyday lip colour. I love it so much. It applies so well and it lasts.
Super Cosmetics Kes 290.

•Constance Carroll; Autumn Berry (224)
First ever lipstick. Autumn Berry. I have hate/love relationship with this one. It’s rough, it has some rough stuff in it, but I like the colour.
Super Cosmetics Ksh 100-200.

•Constance Carroll; Matt Rose (115)
I don’t like this one at all. Applying it takes forever. Why do I still have it? Haha. Oh well, I’ll try make it work.
Super Cosmetics Ksh 100-200.

•Revlon Colorbust #16
I’ve had this lip gloss for 2 years now and it’s amazing. Oh my, Oh my I love it a lot. It lasts on my lips and very moisturizing.
O.R Tambo International Airport – R100.

P.s; I exfoliate my lips daily with a homemade lip scrub (olive oil, sugar & honey).

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