Matatu Life

Hey beautiful people,

This post is long over due. For those who don’t reside in Kenya, let me explain what a Matatu.
Matatu is one of the forms of public transport here in Kenya. The name originated back in the day.
The cost of transport then was 30cents so the conducter would say “mapeni matatu” (Mapeni – 10cents, matatu-3). With time, they dropped mapeni and stuck with matatu.

I use a matatu whenever I go to school. And every single day there is a new adventure.
A few days ago, while I was walking to the stage, this conductor calls out, “madame mbona umepotea” (madame why are you lost). First of all, I have never seen him. Secondly, that is just ordinary behaviour for conductors.
All I did was giggle and enter the matatu.

The matatu is a 14 sitter, including the driver & the conductor, and it only leaves the stage when full.
15 minutes later, it is finally full and mind you the sun is blazing.
The lady next to me decides to open the window, but this man who is right behind her starts complaining of how the wind is blowing right in his face.
Honestly, I don’t blame him, but imagine this, 14 people in this matatu with the sun blazing and sweating people, obviously the window needed to be opened.
All of a sudden, they begin arguing amd all the rest of us can do is laugh.

When such things happen, I tend to wonder if people are ignorant. What if someone in there had an airborne disease, wouldn’t we all get it.
But hey, that’s matatu life for you.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


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