Stepping Out.

Life is all about taking chances and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Good Evening,

I am that type of person who hardly takes risk because of the fear of failure, but i have recently learnt that life is all about risks, if you don’t go out there and get what you want, you will never grow as a person.

Two days ago I decided, enough is enough and I’m going to go for it. I work up to a post from Heenie Photography asking for models for a project: Faces60. I followed the instructions, sent him my photos and my phone number. Ten minutes later, I receive a call informing me that I have been selected to be a part of the project. At this time I’m in total shock. As in me, Joan has been chosen to be a part of this amazing project.

Truth be told, I tend to put myself down. Telling myself that I’m not beautiful enough or they are not looking for a girl like me. Well guess what Joan, you have what it takes.

Friday comes and I’m dying from nerves, I got a bit of butterflies in my tummy and I can’t think straight. All this nerves went away once I got in front of the camera, its as though my body knew how to work it. 

It was such an amazing experience that I’d love to do it again and maybe have a career in modelling as well. 🙂

My make up was done by the amazing Raey Shan who by the way is amazing, talented and very creative.

The face behind the project is Byron Heenie who is just an amazing photographer and I am humbled, honoured and blessed to have worked with him. 

The lesson I learnt from this experience was that, “Life is too short, to stick to your comfort zone.” There is so much that can be achieved once we open up.


Thanks for stopping by. 


Open your wings and fly little butterfly, the world is waiting just for you. Jo

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