Matatu Life 2.

Most of you seemed to enjoy Matatu Life so why not do a second one and maybe it may become a normal thing on the blog.

Good Morning,

I love matatus, especially that whenever I step out of my gate, there always seems to be one waiting for me, except for days when I’m actually in a hurry and need to get to school.

I actually didn’t need to go to school because my Wednesday class was done with but I hadn’t seen my girl in a while so I just decided to go. As usual there was a mat waiting and I luckily sat next to two gorgeous men. Can we just take a moment to say how hot this men were, like honestly if I wasn’t the shy girl I am, numbers would have been exchanged. Haha. Anyway, that’s besides the point.

On a good day, fare is Ksh.40, but on this day it was Ksh.50. The first guy pays and gets his change. The second one pays exactly Ksh.50, when he realises his not getting change he begins asking for it.
Guy; (with accent, not to sure of origin) where is my change?
Conductor; there is no change.
Guy; No, I use this route every day, I need my 10 shillings back.
Conductor; Huyu mzungu amepoteza akili. (This white man has lost his mind) and then he starts laughing.

What made this whole conversation funny was how the guy just kept giggling, like, if you’re asking for change be firm or something.

Now it’s time for me to go home. I walk to odeon (the stage) as usual get into the mat and we go.
Thus is when things get interesting. There was this guy sitting in front of me and he had just bought chicken from kenchic. Kenchic chicken has this distinct smell and if you are Kenyan you know the smell. What bothered me was the nerve thus guy had. He started eating his chicken. Come on, it’s 4pm, most people here might be hungry and you’re eating. What happened to being considerate???

I had been in school since 10am and then my lecturer for my first class that runs from 11am – 2pm decides he isn’t going to show up.
I ended up going to chill with my girls in the sun and I was in black so the heat I was feeling was just insane.

At 2pm we head for our last class and it’s as though someone had it in for me.
1. My phone dies. 😥
2. The class is so stuffy and some human beings decide they’re feeling cold so they close the windows.
3. The lecturer is boring and I’m sleepy. 😦

You should have seen how fast I ran out of the class when she dismissed us. Flash had nothing on me. Haha. 🙂 🙂
I was yet to regret my heist.

I get to the mat and every thing seems normal. Wait till we got stuck in traffic.
1. The windows in the mat were jammed. It was so stuffy and hot, we were literally sweating. I kid you not. The stripping that was taking place…. just crazy.
2. The guy sitting behind me decides that my puff is the right place to cough into. If I wasn’t raised right, someone would have been dead.
Etiquette has been thrown out of the window. How hard is it to cover your mouth with your hands and cough into them. Or was there a sign in my hair reading, ‘cough here please’

I seriously do need a car. Haha. But yet again, if I got one, who would be telling you this stories.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. And don’t forget. . .

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling -Margaret Lee Runbeck-”


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