Feature Friday: Jane’s Beads

Good Morning,

If you know me, you know I love handmade stuff. I think it’s the whole idea of how each item is so different from the other or the detail that goes into every piece.

A few months ago, I came across a young girls instagram page, and let me tell you, she makes the most amazing handmade jewellery I’ve ever seen.

I will let you learn more about this amazing girl and her craft.

*A Little Background: Who and What is Jane’s Beads?

Jane’s Beads is a growing business/company that designs and hand crafts jewellery.

Jane Stephanie Mwithiga is behind Jane’s Beads. it began as a hobby in 2010 and was later converted into a business in 2013 after requests from family and friends to make more pieces.

*Why jewellery design?

I was quite crafty at a young age, always using my hands to make something new and interesting. A Sunday school teacher noted how good I was with my hands and bought a beginner jewellery making set and well the rest is history. 🙂


I get my inspiration from basically anywhere. It can be from a friend, TV show, a magazine or even nature.

*Explain to us your process.

When I begin working on a piece, I already have a picture of how I want it to be in the end. I line out the materials I plan on using and begin. If I don’t like the outcome, I undo the design and start all over again.

There are those frustrating yet humorous moments when an an almost complete piece falls apart, with beads scattering all over and I have to start again.

I call such moments, the joys and pains of beading.

*How long does a piece take?

It depends on the piece. Some can take 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the material.

Other pieces can actually take days to finish.

*What Materials do you use?

I use beads, wire, chain, beading string/wire but I am beginning to venture into using brass.

*Role Models in the Industry?

Internationally, I look up to: Vanessa Mooney, Pamela Love, Katie Dean Jewellery, Catbird NYC and Stella & Dot,

Locally, I admire Vanessa from Kihuruta Designs

*Where do you see Jane’s Beads in 5 years time?

In 5 years, I see Jane’s Beads as a household name. With an online shop up and running that will not only ship locally but also internationally.

I also see it being a blessing to the community in one way or another.

*Lastly, any words of advice.

Start with whatever little you have. If you decide to start when everything is right or when you have enough, you never will.

And when you do start, be patient, success won’t just fall on your lap. Every mistake you make will be a good lesson. Never give up on your dreams just because of what someone says, use it as a motivation to push harder.


I am just amazed by her, if I haven’t said it already. And I’m honoured to be styling four amazing pieces that she has done.

 Jane’s Beads range from Ksh. 300 – Ksh. 2000 ( around $3 – $20), quite affordable if you ask me.

You can find them on Facebook Jane’s Beads and Instagram Jane’s Beads Ke





Aren’t this pieces amazing, but don’t worry the posts shall be up soon.

Hope y’all have an amazing day.




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