20 Facts About Me

Happy Hump Day!!

I guess it’s time for y’all to know a little more about me, you might know some of this things or not.

1. I’m a reader, a huge reader. I read about 3 to 4 books in a week. And my current read is, James Patterson – Roses are red. 

2. Speaking of books, my favourite genres are Crime Investigation, Thrillers and Erotic-Romance novels. If you want me to love you forever, get me any of this. Haha.

3. I’m a huge foodie, like, I eat a lot and for a person my size it doesn’t make sense, but you know what they say, small people eat way too much. hahaha

4. One of my hugest pet peeves in bad breath. Hunny no, don’t you even come close to me if you know you have a problem. For example, you might be the hottest person ever, but once you open your mouth and the stench is let out, you’ll become the ugliest person I’ve ever seen.

5. I’m the definition of an introvert, I love my private time and space, I’d come up with the most crazy excuses so that I don’t hang with certain people.

6. Bags, Shoes and Sunglasses are my greatest weaknesses. I can literally spend all my money on this items and I’ll still want more.

7. I’m the hugest addict to flavoured tea, mmmmhhhhh, mouth orgasmic right there. :-p

8. I can sleep for hours on end, I just love my sleep, but that doesn’t mean I’m lazy, I only sleep when I’m free.

9. O.C.D is me, I am O.C.D. Though some things are in an organised mess, everything else has to be in a certain order and organised in 3’s

10. I always feel like, the country I was born and raised in is not the same country I’ll settle down in.

11. I Jo, am a pogonophile. Dear Lord, just take me now. Men with beards are just a huge turn on, like eish, you have no idea. The thought of a beard just drives me crazy.

12. Another pet peeve of mine is when a small person, comes and tells me how small I am and we do wear the same sized clothes. Like really, what’s your problem??

13. I constantly have a cold or the sniffles, and the only time I’m not sneezing is when out at night. This body of mine just confuses me.

14. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m in love with the idea of love. And when I love, I love hard. Which means the heartbreaks are just way too painful.

15. I can only drink water with a straw, it just tastes better. No judging please. haha

16. I LOVE dark lipsticks, the darker, the better. My aunt says cause I have light lips, I prefer darker colours on them.

17.My shoe size is a  3/uk 36. I’ve been that size since class 6. And 9 years later, I’m still the same size. haha, but hey, the smaller the foot, the cuter the shoes. :-p :-p

18. Cartoons are just the greatest inventions ever. I love watching cartoons, especially the classics. If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll know what I mean.

19. I plan every single conversation in my head, which means I talk to myself a lot. If you don’t follow the planned convo, you become my mortal enemy. haha

20. Lastly, I love hot showers. I can spend my entire day in the shower, just add music and I’m a t peace.

I hope you enjoyed that, have an amazing week.



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