Natural Hair – The Beginning

It is time. It is time.

Good Morning,

I know this post is way overdue, but I had to look for a few things before I could put it up.

Its time to talk all about my hair, and there is no better place to start than at the beginning, where this whole journey began.


For the first six to seven years of my life I was all natural, the picture above was at the age of 4 years old and as you can see, my hair is pretty long. And being the tomboy I was, I never bothered with my hair, it was all up to my mum to deal with it.

June 1996

If I am not mistaken, my hair was always braided or in mini twists and for school it was always up in a ponytail. And you know having coarse hair was like the worst thing in an African household, when my mum would comb out my hair, it was just a war zone. The pulling, the yanking, the holding of your head in between her thighs was just hell on earth, and after that you’d have the worst headache ever.

When I started primary school, my mum decided to relax my hair. I always remember that day. She bought a box of Beautiful Beginnings and had everything set out, as she was rinsing my hair, I also decided to relax my dolls hair. Yes I know, I was that tomboy who had a barbie doll. haha

I was so excited about my new hair, especially that I could play with it like the girls in the movies. Three years down the line and my hair was all relaxed and growing pretty well, I attribute that to the cornrows and box braids.

At the age of 10, I transferred to a different school and one of the rules was that your hair couldn’t be relaxed or permed, so my mum cut it all of, as in, Michael Jordan had nothing on me, even Amber Rose 😛

Two years passed, and my hair was shoulder length if I’m not wrong. And I swear, the only thing I did was keep it in protective styles, wash it every month or two and the worst creation ever, sulphur oil. I can’t remember its name, but most of you might recognize it, it had the nastiest smell ever and made your scalp burn like hell. That burning sensation stimulated blood flow to the scalp which promoted hair growth, but I still hated it.

Fast forward to 2008, when I joined high school. I had my hair relaxed so it would not bother my studies and hey, relaxed hair is easier to maintain with a busy high school schedule. First year was good, but the dreaded form 2 came along. Jo decided it was time to experiment with her hair, and was she wrong.

I started cutting my own hair to match the trends in my school at the time and mind you, my hair was between shoulder length and armpit length. Short story short, by the time I finished high school, my hair was between neck length and shoulder length. Que the tears 😥

My lovies, that wasn’t the end of my hair problems. I left for South Africa right after high school, and I didn’t know anything on taking care of my own hair. I would just let it be. The breakage that I faced was just crazy, the whole back section of my hair was practically just a few inches of natural hair. It was just a huge disaster.

After a year of being away from home, I went to my stylist and she told me, I either cut my hair really short for it to be even or I pray that the back section grows back quickly.

I think this was my turning point and when I decided to begin my hair journey. A decision I don’t regret at all, best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Well, that’s it for now.

I’m sorry for the luck of pictures;

1. I was a brace face and I didn’t like how I looked, so I never took photos &

2. The photos I have are on the other laptop with a broken screen and I keep forgetting to transfer the data.

1997 Don’t you just love that smile

I hope you enjoyed the read, and I hope my journey will help or inspire someone.



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