Natural Hair – Transition to Big Chop

Positive vibes for a positive day.

Good Morning,

Have you ever had those days where you just don’t want to open your laptop, that’s me today. 😦 My brain is just not in the mood of working. I have a group assignment due tomorrow, and being the perfectionist I am, I just had to volunteer myself as the group leader and the one to type it out. Some one shoot me now. Anyway, I doubt you want to read my rants.

Part two of my natural hair series. Woohoo. Let’s do this.

When I decided to begin a healthy journey, I knew deep down that I was going to grow my hair out in its relaxed state. I came across Sharon’s blog one night and let me not lie to you, I read her whole blog in one night. I immediately fell in love with her hair and I knew when mine grew up, it was going to be just like hers. 🙂

After that, I started doing my research and I wasn’t ready for the amount of information I was receiving, I even think I walked away from my laptop for a few days. Hahaha.

One term that really confused me was protective styling, in all my 19yrs, I had never had that word. So I googled it, and all this beautiful hair appeared, digging deeper, I found this whole new community of Natural girls. Here all I knew about natural hair was that on Africans it was dry and steel wire like and it was only curly on mixed kids, shock on me.

Got onto Youtube and googled Natural Hair. On the first search I came across Kendra and Kelsey of Glamtwinz334 and here is when I realised I had no idea about what I was getting myself into. And can we just take a moment to fall even deeper in love with there hairs, those are just some incredible curls.

Yo! That was a long intro. Haha

July 13th was the last day I relaxed my hair.


I had never seen my natural hair in its natural state without any manipulation, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Let me tell you, those 5 months of transitioning were both informative and frustrating. The amount of times I stared at a box of relaxer was just scary, but thanks to my sister and the natural community on the web I made it. 🙂


One of my go to styles were box braids and Senegalese twists. The good thing about this two styles is that they keep your hair away from the elements and your hands are not constantly in your hair for 6 weeks (but I can never go more than 4) may scalp just gets too itchy.

Another style that I fell in love with, was the straw set. When I found out how to do them, I sent my mum to the supermarket for some straws immediately, I didn’t not care what she was doing, hahaha, I needed to do my hair.


I just loved how curly my hair looked and how my new growth was blending in nicely with my relaxed ends. Amd it would last me 4-5 days which wasn’t bad for my busy school schedule. And when it was looking a hot mess, the bun was my buddy. Made me looked put together haha.


The transition journey was enjoyable, but when month 5 came along I had had it with two different textures, the annoying sick looking strands, there was no way I was going to go on for another 7 months.


Bye bye long hair, hello twa (teeny weeny afro). On January 25th, I undid my box braids, washed my hair and grabbed the pair of shears, I was not ready for the really short hair I was about to see.

When my sister cut the last portion of my relaxed ends, I went looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to run to the salon and have a weave put in. But I told myself, “change is inevitable, you just need to embrace it.” I twisted up my hair in small sections and went to bed hoping for the best.


I have and will never regret cutting my hair when I did. I look at it in this way, I will go through all stages of hair growth and embrace it stage as it comes.

One lesson I have learnt thus far, Your hair does not define who or what you are and it will always grow back, so just have fun with it.

Anyway, the assignment is not going to type itself, bye.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope I didn’t put you in a coma. 😉



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