Let’s Talk | Where Have I Been?


Wsuh? You good?

I am so sorry for the absence, it has gone longer than I thought and let me just explain why.

I finished my end of semester exams on the 23rd and I was so ready for my holiday but I had to stick around Nairobi to finish a few errands that had just been piling up for a while.

I left for Lewa on the 29th and yes, I was inside the conservancy with all the animals and let me tell you, that is my favourite place in the world currently.


Perfect view of Lewa from the highway at Subukia.

One of the main reasons I love going there whenever I’m on my short holiday is the fact that there is no Wi-Fi, so I get to relax and just get away from all the emails and messages and annoying addictions (I check instagram way too much).

After 2 weeks, I had to come back because of school, but someone forgot to tell me that Nairobi was flooding and the cold and rain was a bit too much. As soon as I got home, I came down with a terrible flu and my body just shut down and the way I have so many hair posts in line for you guys. 😦 😦

Thank the heavens that after a whole month, I am finally better, flu is gone and I’m back. I have so much planned and I hope you are all ready for me. 😉

And for those who have asked for videos, don’t worry, I got you. I just need a few more things and we are business. Though I must admit, I’m a bit shy and frightened but I love you guys that much to show you my weird self.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and I shall leave you with a few more photos of Lewa. I’ll get better photos in August.




Chasing the Sunset

Talk to you soon.



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