Natural Hair | Sleek Low Ponytail/Mini Puff

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Do you have those days where you need to leave the house but your hair is a hot mess? or you have skipped wash day not once, not twice but three times and you have a date?
I know I have fallen victim to that a couple of times and I don’t know why I always forget that a little water, gel and 5 minutes and you go from frumpy to classy real quick.

Last week was Nairobi Burger Fest and you know your girl was about that life, but I hadn’t done anything to my hair in 3 weeks (please don’t judge, after finishing my undergrad, my brain just shut down). I wanted to wear my hair out, so I rifled through my closet and there it was, my alcohol free gel.

Lazy hairstyles are just my cup of tea, but I didn’t want the usual sleek low bun, all neat and everything. I wanted a bit of mess, cause messy is cute, to some extent.Sleek in the front, mess in the back. Oh yes! Hahaha.

Today’s video is quick, simple and easy. And I love how it makes you look all put together. You can dress it down for girls night or dress it up for that business meeting that you have been waiting for.

I hope you enjoy it.

Products used;
Spritz bottle – Water + Coconut Oil + Eucalyptus Oil.
Bore bristle brush.
Alcohol free gel – Farmasi Wet Look.
Hair tie.
 Head scarf.

Jo ♥

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