Wine, Sex & Chill | Let’s Talk About Sex & What Sex is.

I wish I knew what I knew now when I was 16.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

The excitement that is within me is just a bit too much. You know that feeling you used to get on Christmas day when you woke up to presents? Well, this is just like that, but I know it won’t end.

I have always been open to talking about the ‘Taboo’ topics. I never saw the need of hiding them or keeping them behind closed doors because it affects everybody. Especially in an African context ‘The Birds & The Bees’ is a no go zone and then people get shocked when 12 year olds get pregnant, what do you expect if you don’t educate us?

To kick off this conversation, I just wanted to explain what sex is and what it means to me. I have always seen it as a beautiful thing when done right and I am just here as a Psychologist with sexual experience sharing it with you. Sex should no longer be a taboo topic.

Grab your favourite drink, even though its a Monday morning, it should be 5pm somewhere, and let’s have a chat.

I hope you enjoyed the first episode.
If you have any questions do let me know and if you are shy to post it publicly, feel free to message me privately.


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