Simple but Cute Valentine’s Outfit.

But baby, it’s cold outside.

Happy Valentine’s day my loves.

For some weird reason, I have woken up in such a good mood, despite that its cold and wet outside. I just want to listen to loud music do my work for the day and have random conversations with myself.

On Monday I showed you guys what I’d wear if I was going out tonight, click here if you haven’t seen that yet.

And for today, I’ll show you what I’d wear. If you’ve read my other style posts, you already know I’m all about that simple, comfortable life and this outfit is all about that.


I’m all about oversized clothing. I just love how my little, but growing frame disappers, just too cute.


Oversized shirt – Used to belong to mum.
Bodycon dress – Thrifted.
Shoes – Thrifted.


I just enjoy the contrast from baggy and oversize to damn girl, kumbe you got a body underneath all that. It’s basically unwrapping a present. Hahahahaha


Choker – Kilimall.
Lippie – Huddah Cosmetics in Nimoh

And with this fit, there is no need for a lot of accessories, keep it simple girl.


Hope you enjoyed.

Jo. ♥

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