How to shop on Tique a Bou | Online Shopping

Whoever invented online shopping, must have been an introvert who hated leaving their house, and to that I celebrate them.

Outfit | Mr Price
Shoes | Tique a Bou

As much as I am a fun of online shopping, there are some sites that leave a bad taste in your mouth and the thought of online shopping becomes questionable.
When Tique a Bou reached out to me to try their services, I was a bit hesitant but they honestly restored my faith in online shopping.

Photography | Ephy Saint

Tique a Bou is a Kenyan online fashion retailer with a focus on; a unique customer service experience, always insuring customers receive exactly what’s advertised, returns and exchanges accepted with immediate refunds and next day delivery to your doorstep, nationwide in Kenya!

Here is a step-by-step guide on a painless shopping experience on Tique a Bou;

Log onto the Tique a Bou website

Pick your preferred category | Clothing, Footwear, Plus size, New arrivals and Sales

I’m a sucker for heels, I own way too many, but there is no crime in that.
Pick your size and add to cart.

Once you’ve shopped for all you want, add my coupon code “justnimu” for Ksh.250 off at checkout.

Once you are done, proceed to check out, input your details and Bob’s your uncle.

What I love about Tique a Bou is;

  • They offer door to door delivery countrywide, next day for Nairobi and Mombasa (orders made before 3pm) and an extra day for other towns.
  • They accept returns for exchanges or money back, click on the link find out more
  • 3. What you see on the website is what will be delivered to you.

And honestly, after I placed my order, I received my shoes the next day. They are honestly legit and trust you me I will be shopping from them often.

I am one happy customer and I give Tique a Bou 5/5 for their amazing service and products

Hope you enjoyed today’s read. Let me know what you get from them and your experience.

Jo ♥

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