Tracking your Menstrual Cycle & My go to Period Products

When she bleeds the smells I know change colour. There is iron in her soul on those days. She smells like a gun. Jeanette Winterson

I’ve always been a late bloomer in terms of girl matters and I remember in primary school, when all my friends were starting their cycles I was a bit envious. It has taken me a log while to finally accept my body just as is. We all have our own journeys.

To all my late bloomers.

When my menstrual cycle finally came, I was excited for about 5 minutes until I started experiencing cramps.
Question; Why do we cramp so hard?
Answer; I don’t know, 11 years down the line and I still crawl up in a ball and curse the universe.

I’ve been tracking my cycle for the last 9 or 10 years, it started as a way to just keep track of when my period would start, but now it is a full blown body and mind investigation.
I have always been intrigued on how the body works and all the changes we go through. I never had many symptoms when younger, so it was whatever, but now, eish. If it’s not cravings or backaches, it is acne. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

Clue App | Android | iPhone

Clue has been my go to app for the past few years. I love how customizeable the symptoms are and how simple and minimalistic it is.
What tracking app do you use?

Oh Kotex, what would I do without it. In the beginning, I was an Always girl, but let me not lie, the nylon wings and scented pads stopped working for me after a while.
My aunt eventually introduced me to Kotex and let me just say, I’m not going back. The comfort you get out of Kotex is just amazing.
What pads or tampons do you use?

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.
Jo β™₯

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