Self care Sunday | Nail Care

Time is passing us by, yet we are not taking care of ourselves.

Hello! Hello! Hello! How did the last half of 2019 start for you?

Mine started off a little bit busy and stressful to a point that last week I just broke down and cried out of exhaustion. Yeah, life really got to me. And that’s when I decided to get serious with my self care. Hence why from now on, we will have Self care Sunday.

Cue Pam Nail Care

I have always been good at taking care of my nails, hair and skin, but of late I have become busy to a point where I do the bare minimum, especially to my nails. So, when Pam of Pam Nail Polish offered to do my nails, I jumped at the opportunity, because my nails had been neglected.

Let me start by saying how beautiful the space is. I felt relaxed as soon as i walked in. The staff is friendly, plus they play old school music, who doesn’t love old school music?
Note, I haven’t had my nails professionally done in about 3 years and this was my first time trying out gel polish, so I went for something simple with just a little pop.
I love that Pam was very gentle and light handed, I almost dosed off because of how relaxed I got hahaha

I love how the manicure turned out and I instantly fell in love with gel polish and trust you me, every three weeks I will be at Pam Nail Care getting my nails PAMpered and taken care of. Plus, who can say no to amazing service, a great massage after the service and a snack while you get your nails done.

Thank you to Pam for doing my nails and also partnering with me to give one of you gorgeous babes a complimentary gel polish application.

This is all you have to do;

  • Follow @pamnailpolish and myself (@justnimu) on Instagram.
  • Tell us your nail care routine using #PamNailPolish in the comment section of my Instagram post.
  • Tag your friends and let us get talking on the importance of nail care.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Jo ♥

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