BAKE Awards Nomination

Let the universe know your intentions and it’ll always give you what you need.


I know that I am so late to announce this here, but I was on vacation for 4 days and I just readjusted back to Nairobi life. Hahahaha

BAKE Awards 2018 - Nomination badge 500

If you don’t follow me on my social media accounts (I’m quietly judging you), then you don’t know that I’ve been nominated for this year’s BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) Awards under the category of Best Beauty & Hair Blog.
I am more than honored and humbled and it wouldn’t have been the case if it wasn’t for each and every one of you who takes the time to read my blogs and just sticking by me through my ups and downs.

On that note, I want to ask, if you could vote for me here https://vote.bakeawards.co.ke/ Category 20, Option E (justnimu), it would mean the world to me and it only takes a few minutes.
Voting ends on April 30th 2018.

Thank you so much for sticking by me and all your support.

Jo. ♥


Natural Hair Journey

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Review

I have some amazing news to give, but I shall leave that for another post.


Hope your week went well, mine just seemed to pass by, but it was a good one.

Being a natural, I’m always looking for products that will work well with my hair and leave it feeling loved and taken care of.
Dark and Lovely sent me a package a few months ago and I have been testing out the whole Au Naturale range and I must say, I’m in love.
My favourite has to be the Moisture Replenishing Shampoo, it leaves my hair so moisturised and happy that it has become a staple.

Here is my full review;

The range has 7 products;

  1. Moisture Replenishing Shampoo.
  2. Knot out Conditioner.
  3. 3-in-1 Cleansing conditioner.
  4. Wash Free Braid Refresher.
  5. Anti Itch Scalp Soother.
  6. Afro Moisturising Butter.
  7. Plaiting Pudding Cream.

You can shop for all the products off Jumia or at various beauty shops.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and I’ll talk to you soon.



Sex Talk

Wine, Sex & Chill | Losing My Virginity

If I could turn back time, I’d give someone else what I had.


I know when it comes to the topic of virginity, everyone has their own point of view and for me, it’s all about your personal decision. I lost my virginity at a young age and I have been shamed here and there by those closest to me and the one thing that always runs through my head is, “Why does it bother you so?” It’s my choice and it does not affect you as to when I choose to lose it.

Today I just want us to talk about losing your virginity and what I wish I knew before I made that decision.

Do you feel as though the society should influence our personal decisions?

I hope the video was informative and helpful.

Jo.  ♥

Natural Hair Journey

African Inspired Hairstyle

Simple is always best.


March is over and I just don’t know how that happened. One second I’m freezing to death at Hairitage Chronicles, the next I’m planning my April calender. How? But it seems as though it’s something to get used to.

Speaking of, on the 10th of March I went for Hairitage Chronicles 4.0. A natural hair event that is all kinds of fun, from hanging out with amazing naturalistas to stocking up on your favourite natural products, dancing yourself away and just having a good old time. But for some reason that day just went from bad to worse and I was so close to calling it quits. My outfit was ruined, I was super duper late and it rained heavily.

Anyway, with the little excitement i had, I decided to create a simple African inspired hairstyle that I think came out just perfectly.

What do you think? Did it turn out well?

Let me know.

Jo. ♥

My Style

GRWM |Darling Kenya Product Launch

Step out of your comfort zone baby, that’s where all the fun is.

One of my goals of this year was to step out of my comfort zone and last week Thursday, I had the opportunity to do so with Nurtured Knotts at the Darling Kenya product launch at Sankara.

I don’t know about you, but the first 2 months of 2018 have been amazing for me so far and I am sending you the vibes I have, so that your year can be just as amazing or even better.

First thing that came into my mind was what will I wear, I own nothing formal or elegant, I seriously need to revamp my whole wardrobe.
Then 2 hours to the event that’s when I came up with this ensemble.
And let’s just note that this is the only time I am last minute, when it comes to my outfit.

Case and point, Hairitage Chronicles is on Saturday and my outfit is being made in less than 3 days.
Please pray for me. :’-(


Top | Mini dress
Pants | Mum’s
Trench thing | Made by me
Shoes | Thrifted
Hair | Marini Naturals


Now, you see how everything just came together? Kris was also just amazed and had to pick up his jaw. Hahahahaha.
I was so comfortable and felt like an adult, boss lady who know’s what she is doing. 😀
All I want now is to live in pants like this, high waisted and long, because yaaaaaaas.

I was also able to film myself getting ready and got a few clips from the event.
Here you go;

Let me know;
Do you plan your outfits or you just wing it?


Natural Hair Journey

From Straight to Curly

Nothing makes me more comfortable than wearing my hair in it’s wild, natural state.

Hey, Hey, Hey.

I’m trying to understand how my scalps was on “fire” after week two of going straight, but week two of me having my hair back in its curly state feels as though I just washed it a few hours ago. Rebellion perharps? Hahaha I don’t know.

Here is a quick video on my  reverting back, the one thing I’m happy about is that I didn’t experience heat damage and that the “bounce back” as we call it was instant.

Jo.  ♥

Sex Talk

Wine, Sex & Chill | Sexual Relationships

At times you just need someone to help you escape from the realities, even if it’s just for a while.

Hey, Hey, Hey.

Sex used to just be a form of release for me till I understood what I wanted from the relationships in my life.
It’s okay to love sex, it’s okay to enjoy it. We currently live in a society where everything you do is judge, so why not do what you love and just ignore the judgy Mcjudgy characters who think they know everything.

Being that I’m in my third sexual relationship, I feel like I have enough tips and tricks to share with you what I think about SRs.

In episode 2, I explain what SRs are to me and the lessons I’ve learnt so far.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re in an Sexual Relationship and how it’s going for you.

Jo. ♥

My Style

Simple but Cute Valentine’s Outfit.

But baby, it’s cold outside.

Happy Valentine’s day my loves.

For some weird reason, I have woken up in such a good mood, despite that its cold and wet outside. I just want to listen to loud music do my work for the day and have random conversations with myself.

On Monday I showed you guys what I’d wear if I was going out tonight, click here if you haven’t seen that yet.

And for today, I’ll show you what I’d wear. If you’ve read my other style posts, you already know I’m all about that simple, comfortable life and this outfit is all about that.


I’m all about oversized clothing. I just love how my little, but growing frame disappers, just too cute.


Oversized shirt – Used to belong to mum.
Bodycon dress – Thrifted.
Shoes – Thrifted.


I just enjoy the contrast from baggy and oversize to damn girl, kumbe you got a body underneath all that. It’s basically unwrapping a present. Hahahahaha


Choker – Kilimall.
Lippie – Huddah Cosmetics in Nimoh

And with this fit, there is no need for a lot of accessories, keep it simple girl.


Hope you enjoyed.

Jo. ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Quick, Cute Valentines Hairstyle

Simplicity is key.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

What are you doing for Valentine’s?
I’ll probably be cuddled up watching a movie or chatting up with the babe.

But, for those who have plans, and don’t know what to do with your hair, I give you a quick style.  This crown twist is my fave go-to protective style and I’ve been a fun of it since I was a new natural.
It can be done on any hair type in any state, that is, stretched out, straight, freshly washed or a crows nest. :-D. if you know how to do a flat twist, this is as easy as ABC, but if not, you can switch it up for a crown braid. Just cornrow two large braids.

How are you wearing your hair?

Jo ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | From Curly to Straight

My head has been feeling cold, naked and just empty.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

6th day of the 2nd month and let me just say, January came and went so fast, we can practically say that 2018 is coming to an end. Right?

Most of you have been so eager to see how I straightened my mane and today I am here to deliver. I’ve had my hair straight for a week now and I honestly miss my kinks, coils and curls. My scalp is honestly itching and I’m just so ready to wash my hair, but I need another week or two to play around with a few styles I’ve been wanting to do.

When my hair got this straight, I was so shocked because my hair is very stubborn and in the past, I’ve never been able to go this straight and now I attribute it to great products, good tools and a great technique.

Watch the video here to see my transformation.
Do you plan on straightening your hair?

Products used;
•Dark n’ Lovely Au Natural Moisture Replenishing Shampoo.
•Dark n’ Lovely Au Naturale Knot Out Conditioner.
•Mosara Kenya Deep Treatment Masque.
•Saru Organics Leave-in Treatment.
•Sheth Naturals Avocado Oil.