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Product Review | Saru Organics

Second week into the new year and I can fully say I am back on “WorkMode”.

Hello! Hello! Hello!
I hope the new year is treating you well, for me, I have been doing a lot of relaxing, chilling and amazingly enough, gaining weight, YES! More on this later. 😛

For today I introduce you to BAE #1, Saru Organics. 


I’ve been a Sarulicious girl since day one and this is not me just blowing smoke, it was love from first application. Yes, I do have a favourite, but all the products that I have tried have not failed me whatsoever.

Flat Twist Out using the Curl Pudding

Saru Organics is a Kenyan Brand made by a Kenyan for our African hair. It’s a fairly new brand, but let me tell you, it is making it’s voice heard. Just click on the video and just hear what I had to say, nothing but love for it.

Product & Price List;
The brand consists of both formulated products and pure oils/powders.

  • Revitalizing Clay Shampoo – Kes.500.
  • Leave in Treatment – Kes.700.
  • Curl Pudding – Kes.650.
  • Deep Condtioner – Kes.500.
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Kes.600.
  • Baobab Oil – Kes.500.
  • Avocado Oil – Kes.300.
  • Macadamia Nut Oils – Kes.300.
  • Moringa Oil – Kes.900.
  • Moringa Powder – Kes.250.


  • Price; 4/5
    It is affordable (Kes.2,350) for all four main products and you have your wash routine sorted out from start to finish.
  • Quantity; 5/5
    Each item is 240ml and as I state, a little does go a long way. You will use the products for at least 3months (If you’re going through it like water :-D)
  • Smell; 4/5
    Other than the curl pudding and deep treatment having strong scents, it’s nothing that will put you off unless you have serious allergies. I just avoid using them when I have a cold.
  • Overall; 4.5/5
    As a brand and as a complete wash day package it’s a win for me. I highly recommend all her products, and if you’re looking for a starter kit, I suggest you give this a try.

Have you tried any of Saru Organics products?
Do let me know in the comment section.

Jo. ♥

Natural Hair Journey

2017 Life Lessons + I’m A Graduate.

December 31 2017.

Hello! Hello! Hello!


It honestly feels as though we blinked and the year just came to an end. If you told me at the beginning of the year that I will be where I am right now, I’d say you are just being mean. I went from being in love and so sure of my relationship to sitting at a new friend’s floor typing this out and just laughing at how comfortable I am being single.

This year has been one of those years where I just want to throw it in a box, lock it and throw the box down into Davy Jones locker, because what the fudge cakes was this year?

I turned 24 in October and I wish I was somewhere different than where I was.
I have never really experienced “rebound sex” and now I have and at a time where I should have been with friends and family, I was faking.
If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know I’m starting a Sex Series on my YouTube channel dubbed “Wine, Sex & Chill” and this rebound was sadly bad sex. I had to wait 3 months for it to be corrected by my new friend, let’s call him Kris ;-). And because of this, I have a new rule “NO SEX IS BETTER THAN BAD SEX.”


I reconnected with my primary school friends, hey Cashy & Fi.
Between July & October, I pulled away from everyone, I was in a really bad place and very done with the world and when everything came crumbling down I somehow wanted to talk to these two and how I had missed them, 14 years of friendship is no joke and I’m glad I have them in my life.

I’m slowly finding myself.
I have always felt that I was hiding from who I am and keeping what doesn’t appeal to societal norms deep within, but now I’m like fudge it, you know? Hahaha and yes, I am being a good girl and not actually cussing. I am not ashamed of who I am, how I look, how I think or how I feel.


It’s okay to close a chapter and move on.
I thought I had found love and that he was the one I would spend the rest of my life with, but the universe had another plan and weirdly enough, I have come to terms with that. I am looking at it as life lessons that our 5 year relationship was meant to teach us. I am a different person than the 19 year old he met and I am grateful for what we had and how we grew from our experiences.

Everything has it’s own timing.
I finally got to graduate from the University of Nairobi with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree with a Second Class (Upper Division). My word, the stress that I went through was a bit too much and when my name appeared on the list, I legit cried from happiness. I was so relieved and excited to be done with that phase. I honestly believe that this was the right time for me to graduate, everything in my life education and career wise are falling into place and this is just the first block.


Enjoy life with all it has to offer.
I know we all want life to be all positive and happy, but we need to accept also the bad days as they show us how strong we are and they are lessons in their own. It’s okay to want to get away from everything and everyone, but don’t dwell on the bad for too long. I like to just get away from the house and do something different.
2 weeks ago, I had a really bad Monday, so on Wednesday, I called up Kris and told him I was coming over. I had planned for a few hours of distraction, but it turned out to be 2 days of something different. And let me not lie to you, I had just met this guy on Tuesday, but there was just something about him that I needed to know. Moral of this is, get out there, experience new things and people, but be safe.

These lessons basically sum up my 2017 and that is also why I took a step from blogging. My blog didn’t excite me anymore, seeing my url with .wordpress.com just made me sad, but I fixed that, now we have justnimu.com *Does Back Flip*. Let me know what you think of the new site, okay?

Happy New Year loves and I hope to see you in 2018.
I have a few goals I want to hit in the new year, but we shall talk about that later.


Jo. ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Sheth Naturals Sheba Range Review

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Here we go again, another Kenyan brand review.
I’m loving what is currently happening in the natural hair community. We finally have the opportunity to walk into a beauty store and see Kenyan made brands on the shelves next to international brands giving us more variety, we are practically spoilt for choice.

For today, I’ll be discussing Sheth Naturals.
They’re a Kenyan brand that has been around for 2 years and I must say they have taken the natural hair community by storm.
When I fall in love with products, I also want to fall in love with the brand, and Sheth Naturals are just that.

Sheba Moisturising Shampoo Bar – 100g – Kes 350
Sheba Deep Conditioner – 200 ml – Kes 800
– 500 ml – Kes 1500
Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/shethnaturals/
Online Shop | http://sheth.co.ke/ or https://www.jumia.co.ke/catalog/?q=sh…
Store Location | Moi Avenue, Sasa mall next to Mku towers, Ground floor shop G17

Hope you enjoyed the video. As I said, they’re a one stop shop for all your hair and skin needs.
Give them a try and let me know what you think about them.



Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | High Bun with a Twist

Hello! Hello! Hello!

There are just those days where you need to switch up a basic style and just make it something different.
I’ve never been much of a bun girl (read: My hair was just able to achieve the bun status, last year) but also, having my hair all up in one area held by a tight hair tie, just isn’t for me. No body got time for headaches.
Anyway, I wanted to spice up the high bun and I decided to add three flat twists and the beauty of any style, you can change it up however you feel like.

Do let me know what you thought of the style.
And, have you spiced up a basic style? What was it? And how did you like it?


Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | High Puff (Updated)

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Have you ever been in the position were you need to leave the house, but your hair hasn’t dried and it is too hot for any sort of headwrap?
Well, I was there on Friday and they way I had planned to rock my hair in its curly fro state, but nope. So, I quickly just grabbed a satin hair tie and put my hair up in a puff. I had totally forgotten how quick and easy the puff was. And seeing that the last time I did the puff was a bout 2 years why not give you guys an updated version.
Hope you enjoy the video and do let me know what are you quick/lazy go to hairstyles.


Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | How to Detangle Natural Hair.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I think detangling should be considered an art. I say this because when done right, everything else that follows is perfection. A good detangling session can make or break your wash routine and style.
It used to take me at least an hour to detangle  my hair and the amount of  breakage I experienced was too real. Changing my detangling habit and how I go about it has changed my hair journey. I no longer experience any breakage which means I am retaining length and my hair is now healthy.

Do enjoy the video and I hope it helps you out as well.

Jo ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Perm Rod Set Tutorial.

Hello! Hello! Hello!
July is here and it’s looking so pretty.

Perm rods or rollers have been around for as long as anyone can remember. My mum used to stock the pink foam ones and my sisters and I would just destroy them (sorry mum). either by losing the clip attachment or burning the foam itself. Hahaha. Good times.

I’ve been wanting to rock a perm rod set for a while now, but I was too scared on how it would turn out. 2 weeks ago I decided to try it out and shock on me it worked, quite well actually. Filmed a second time for you lovely ones, but this time Nairobi humidity was right there to congratulate me, but you know what natural hair can be rocked anyway you like. It’s day 4 and the afro I’m rocking is cute. Pictures to follow on instagram.

Products Used;

  • Cantu Argan oil Leave-in Conditioning repair cream.
  • Organics by Africa’s best Carrot Oil Cream.
  • Coconut Oil. Available at all supermarkets
  • Perm Rods (Assorted size)
  • Comb and brush.

All Products except coconut oil can be purchased at Super cosmetics.

Hope you enjoy this new month and the video.

Jo. ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Hair Porosity.

Hello! Hello! Hello!

For a natural, the most asked question one gets is, “What is your hair type?” And when I am asked, I usually give a vague answer of type 4 hair. I never pay much attention to hair typing in terms of 3c or 4a. because this takes the focus away from healthy hair. Hair typing is just a guide to give you an idea of what products will work on your hair. What you should be concerned about is the hair quality.

Hair quality also known as typing but more in-depth focusing on; porosity, hair width, hair density and hair thickness.

Today, we’ll talk about hair porosity.

Hair porosity is the ability for your hair to absorb and maintain moisture. Moisturised hair is the first step to healthy hair.
There are three levels of porosity;

  1. Low Porosity.
  2. Medium/Normal Porosity.
  3. High Porosity.

Once you know your hairs porosity you are able to take care of it accordingly and know what to do and what not to do.

In the video, I show you how to test the porosity and what each porosity means and how to manage it.

I hope the post is helpful.

Jo ♥

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Natural Hair | DIY Leave-In

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Twice a week, I have no idea where all this motivation came from, but I am loving it.

It’s not every time that you will have your go-to products or have enough money to spend on repurchasing products. And I have been on both those boats, several times.

Today, Linda and I show you how to two different products that we both love using when you don’t have your go to products. Simple and easy recipes that your hair will also love.

DIY Leave-in;

  • 1 cup water.
  • 1 cup conditioner of choice.
  • 50ml/6 tablespoons Coconut Oil (Carrier oil of your choice)
  • 5ml/5-10 drops Eucalyptus oil (Essential oil of choice)

Mix everything in your spritz bottle and shake well.
And there you have it, a simple yet efficient leave-in conditioner.


Linda’s Video | DIY Deep conditioner.


Hope you enjoy both tutorials.

Jo ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Sleek Low Ponytail/Mini Puff

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Do you have those days where you need to leave the house but your hair is a hot mess? or you have skipped wash day not once, not twice but three times and you have a date?
I know I have fallen victim to that a couple of times and I don’t know why I always forget that a little water, gel and 5 minutes and you go from frumpy to classy real quick.

Last week was Nairobi Burger Fest and you know your girl was about that life, but I hadn’t done anything to my hair in 3 weeks (please don’t judge, after finishing my undergrad, my brain just shut down). I wanted to wear my hair out, so I rifled through my closet and there it was, my alcohol free gel.

Lazy hairstyles are just my cup of tea, but I didn’t want the usual sleek low bun, all neat and everything. I wanted a bit of mess, cause messy is cute, to some extent.Sleek in the front, mess in the back. Oh yes! Hahaha.

Today’s video is quick, simple and easy. And I love how it makes you look all put together. You can dress it down for girls night or dress it up for that business meeting that you have been waiting for.

I hope you enjoy it.

Products used;
Spritz bottle – Water + Coconut Oil + Eucalyptus Oil.
Bore bristle brush.
Alcohol free gel – Farmasi Wet Look.
Hair tie.
 Head scarf.

Jo ♥