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Eva Franco for Loverly

Good Morning,

I have teamed up with Loverly to introduce their new brides and bridemaids collection, Eva Franco for Loverly Dress Collection.

Before we go any farther, let me just say that the collection is AMAZING, had me thinking of when I’m going to get married and which dresses I’ll have. *Hint* *Hint* significant other. 🙂

The whole collection is centred around the vintage-inspired look, which I’m very much in love with. I love how she used lace as the key fabric. Lace is rarely seen on bridesmaid dresses only on the brides, so I love the whole twist to it.

Studio Session - Loverly-2431

Zoe Dress & Amelia Dress

The Zoe dress in a light rose dress with sequined lace. I just love how flirty and free flowing it is with the fit and flare cut easy to get on the floor and just dance the night away.

The Amelia dress is this beautiful navy blue short dress with apache lace. You can never go wrong with a navy blue dress. To me dark coloured dresses have this subtly sexy appeal to them that will have your bridesmaids feeling like a million bucks.

Studio Session - Loverly-2176

Roe Dress & Lucca Dress

Can I just start by saying how the blue green colour is just the most amazing colour, it’s not too loud, not too quiet, just perfect.

The Roe dress is a 3/4 sleeved fitted dress. This is the perfect fit for anybody, definitely one of my favourite dresses in the collection. It gives out this sophisticated look and it’s simple, just like me 🙂

The Lucca dress is a fun and flirty dress with amazing textured lace that reminds me of crochet (or I’ve just been crocheting too much haha) with its fit and flare skirt, your bridesmaids will be as comfortable as they can be and love you forever. 🙂

Studio Session - Loverly-2472 (1)

Lily Dress & Nori Dress

The Nori dress is my favourite dress in the whole collection. Let’s just take a minute and talk about the open back detail. First time I saw it I just fell in love. One thing I’ve come to learn is that everyone has an amazing back and with a dress like this, you wouldn’t even need to add any more detail to the wedding, this will just seal the deal. The dress also has an amazing tulip hem which also adds another touch of sexiness. I just need this dress.

Dear Lily dress, would you like to join my closet? This cobalt blue dress just screams out modern and sophisticated. I’d honestly wear this dress everywhere I go. Perfect dress for any day and any occasion. The scalloped hem also adds a hint of sexiness to the dress.

Studio Session - Loverly-2179 (3)

Aria Jumpsuit & Maura Jumpsuit

Last but not least, the most amazing pieces in the collection. JUMPSUIT. Jumpsuits are for everyone no matter your body type, girl a jumpsuit will make you the queen you are.

Dear future husband, I might just have more than one or two or three outfits. Just saying.

The Aria jumpsuit has this lovely laced popover that adds the vintage feel to the whole jumpsuit. It being ivory in colour, my dear bold bride rock this baby down the aisle, you shall be the topic of discussion for a long time. 😉

Maura jumpsuit, where do I even begin. Is it the halter neck, the delicate tie belt or just how amazing it is. I’d sleep, eat, drink in it and never take it off. It will add the elegance and sophistication to your wedding day.

All-in-all, this collection is the best, it’s not your basic chiffon, silk, satin or taffeta dresses that you see every day. Any of the dresses or jumpsuits with add great detail to your wedding and looking back at the pictures you’ll always smile and remember your wedding day.

Check out the bridesmaids page for the entire collection.

You can follow Loverly on their Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr pages for inspiration and tips for your wedding day.

Hope you enjoyed.



My Style

Sporty Chic


Good Morning,

Another week has come and gone, I’m just happy of how fast time is moving cause that just means that my big 21 is just 46 days away. Y’all don’t know the amount of excitement in me.

On another note, I think we are finally done with the cold weather. The sun is out, The sky is clear and blue, and it smells like spring. I know I’m not the only one who is ready to soak in some sun in cute, short outfits and all.


To welcome this beautiful weather, I opted for a simple, sporty look.

Lets, talk about this shorts, they’re the very first pair of shorts that I made. Very comfortable and cute, they also have pockets. 🙂 Paired them with my favourite blue top and my all time fav, comfy shoes, the tomy’s. if you don’t own a pair, I suggest you do, they are affordable.


For accessories, I went for this pretty blue beads and chain necklace by Jane’s Beads and my everyday arm candy.


Isn’t blue just a calming colour. Just rests my active soul. Haha

Anyway, I shall leave you with that, it’s time for me to go hang with my people.

Enjoy your Furahi Day (Happy Friday) as we Kenyan’s say. 😉



My Style

Keeping It Cropped

Good Morning,


One of my all-time favourites is the cropped top, I’m not ashamed to say that I have an addiction to them. I remember growing up as a child we used to call them “Tumbo Cuts” cause they literally cut your stomach in half.


Anyway, back to business. I’ve never been a chunky jewellery type of girl, I’m weird, I know, but there was something about this pearl piece that caught my eye and I just had to have it. Though its chunky, It doesn’t look like it is. And I love how perfectly it sits, not too high, not too low. Get it, Got it. Good. Haha, don’t ask, I think I’ve had too much of pure air.

I opted to pair the cropped top, with low rise jeans and a cropped jacket.


This outfit made me feel sexy and comfortable. I always believe that if you aren’t comfortable in what you’re don’t bother with it.



If you don’t have a pearl piece in your collection, I have no idea what you’re waiting for.

Thanks for stopping by.



Necklace – https://www.facebook.com/janesbeadske?fref=ts

Jeans – Thrifted (Adam’s)

Jacket – Used to be mum’s 🙂

Top – Mr Price

My Style

Touch Of Floral


It is not everyday you get to play around with the sun.


Good Morning,

I have you missed y’all so much, you have no idea. Thank God my exams are over and I have a few weeks to relax and enjoy myself.

Can I simply ask, why is it cold and we are almost done with August? Like honestly, the sun should be out and I shouldn’t be walking around my house in my duvet, my poor body is suffering over here. 😦

Anyway, enough with my rumbling. The other day the sun decided to grace us with it’s presence so it was time for me to dust off my cute little skirt and show off some legs 😉


I’m one of those girls who loves having fun with clothes but being totally comfortable, and this outfit was just the perfect fit for  this day. Double C (Cute & Comfortable)


I decided to pair it up with this beautiful piece from Jane’s Beads Ke I just loved how the black and red in the necklace was picked up in the skirt. If you know me, I never like planning my outfits, ’cause I end up changing them at the last minute the only thing that remains are my shoes. To me random is always best.


Hi, I’m a short girl and I love my heels. Honestly, is there any girl who doesn’t love heels? Whether tall or short, those bad boys make you feel so good and I never mind the added height, at least I won’t be tip-toeing to hug anyone when I’m in them 😉


This piece is just gorgeous, simple yet bold. And I Love It.

Have an awesome Furahi Day and enjoy your weekend.



Top – Mr Price Online (Similar)

Skirt – Made by me

Shoes – Mr Price Online

Necklace – Jane’s Beads Ke