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Natural Hair | How to Detangle Natural Hair.

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I think detangling should be considered an art. I say this because when done right, everything else that follows is perfection. A good detangling session can make or break your wash routine and style.
It used to take me at least an hour to detangle  my hair and the amount of  breakage I experienced was too real. Changing my detangling habit and how I go about it has changed my hair journey. I no longer experience any breakage which means I am retaining length and my hair is now healthy.

Do enjoy the video and I hope it helps you out as well.

Jo ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Perm Rod Set Tutorial.

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July is here and it’s looking so pretty.

Perm rods or rollers have been around for as long as anyone can remember. My mum used to stock the pink foam ones and my sisters and I would just destroy them (sorry mum). either by losing the clip attachment or burning the foam itself. Hahaha. Good times.

I’ve been wanting to rock a perm rod set for a while now, but I was too scared on how it would turn out. 2 weeks ago I decided to try it out and shock on me it worked, quite well actually. Filmed a second time for you lovely ones, but this time Nairobi humidity was right there to congratulate me, but you know what natural hair can be rocked anyway you like. It’s day 4 and the afro I’m rocking is cute. Pictures to follow on instagram.

Products Used;

  • Cantu Argan oil Leave-in Conditioning repair cream.
  • Organics by Africa’s best Carrot Oil Cream.
  • Coconut Oil. Available at all supermarkets
  • Perm Rods (Assorted size)
  • Comb and brush.

All Products except coconut oil can be purchased at Super cosmetics.

Hope you enjoy this new month and the video.

Jo. ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Hair Porosity.

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For a natural, the most asked question one gets is, “What is your hair type?” And when I am asked, I usually give a vague answer of type 4 hair. I never pay much attention to hair typing in terms of 3c or 4a. because this takes the focus away from healthy hair. Hair typing is just a guide to give you an idea of what products will work on your hair. What you should be concerned about is the hair quality.

Hair quality also known as typing but more in-depth focusing on; porosity, hair width, hair density and hair thickness.

Today, we’ll talk about hair porosity.

Hair porosity is the ability for your hair to absorb and maintain moisture. Moisturised hair is the first step to healthy hair.
There are three levels of porosity;

  1. Low Porosity.
  2. Medium/Normal Porosity.
  3. High Porosity.

Once you know your hairs porosity you are able to take care of it accordingly and know what to do and what not to do.

In the video, I show you how to test the porosity and what each porosity means and how to manage it.

I hope the post is helpful.

Jo ♥

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Natural Hair | DIY Leave-In

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Twice a week, I have no idea where all this motivation came from, but I am loving it.

It’s not every time that you will have your go-to products or have enough money to spend on repurchasing products. And I have been on both those boats, several times.

Today, Linda and I show you how to two different products that we both love using when you don’t have your go to products. Simple and easy recipes that your hair will also love.

DIY Leave-in;

  • 1 cup water.
  • 1 cup conditioner of choice.
  • 50ml/6 tablespoons Coconut Oil (Carrier oil of your choice)
  • 5ml/5-10 drops Eucalyptus oil (Essential oil of choice)

Mix everything in your spritz bottle and shake well.
And there you have it, a simple yet efficient leave-in conditioner.


Linda’s Video | DIY Deep conditioner.


Hope you enjoy both tutorials.

Jo ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Sleek Low Ponytail/Mini Puff

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Do you have those days where you need to leave the house but your hair is a hot mess? or you have skipped wash day not once, not twice but three times and you have a date?
I know I have fallen victim to that a couple of times and I don’t know why I always forget that a little water, gel and 5 minutes and you go from frumpy to classy real quick.

Last week was Nairobi Burger Fest and you know your girl was about that life, but I hadn’t done anything to my hair in 3 weeks (please don’t judge, after finishing my undergrad, my brain just shut down). I wanted to wear my hair out, so I rifled through my closet and there it was, my alcohol free gel.

Lazy hairstyles are just my cup of tea, but I didn’t want the usual sleek low bun, all neat and everything. I wanted a bit of mess, cause messy is cute, to some extent.Sleek in the front, mess in the back. Oh yes! Hahaha.

Today’s video is quick, simple and easy. And I love how it makes you look all put together. You can dress it down for girls night or dress it up for that business meeting that you have been waiting for.

I hope you enjoy it.

Products used;
Spritz bottle – Water + Coconut Oil + Eucalyptus Oil.
Bore bristle brush.
Alcohol free gel – Farmasi Wet Look.
Hair tie.
 Head scarf.

Jo ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Flat Twist Tutorial

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Hope your Monday has started off well. I woke up to the amazing sound of the rain and I’m just loving this weather.

Some of you requested I do a video on the technique I use to flat twist my hair. There are actually two ways.
1. Twisting upwards (Let me know if you want to see this technique as well)
2. Twisting downwards. This is what I generally do, because I just love how flat my hair gets.

Hope you enjoy it. And if you have any more requests, just let me know.

Jo ♥

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Natural Hair | ACV Rinse

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When it comes to wash day I tend to hold it of as long as possible. There are so many times I’ve gone weeks without washing ’cause I’m just too lazy. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

Finding the right products and routine that works for you is key and it took me a while to find it. If you’ve read my previous post here  you’d know it would take me 5 hours from detangling to styling. But I’m proud to say that it now takes me about 2 hours to wash and style (depending on the style though).

I discovered Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse some time early last year, while still newly natural, but the routine I found was to shampoo first then rinse with ACV and I was just not having it. I do enjoy long showers, but that was too much.
Fast forward 6 months later, some time in August, I went back to ACV and how I incorporate it into my routine is to add it as my detangler.

Wash day for me now consists of me detangling and finger detangling my hair as I add the ACV mixture into my hair. I let it sit for about 30 minutes and after that I just condition and deep condition as usual.
Adding this to my routine has shortened my wash day and made my hair much more healthier and better to the point I can go 2 weeks without washing it and it is just as moisturised as day one. (Don’t judge though, I’m still lazy when it comes to wash day hahaha)

ACV Recipe;
* 3 parts water.
* 1 part ACV
* 10 drops essential oil. (I love me some eucalyptus oil)
-Mix it all up in your spray bottle and you are good to go (and again, don’t judge my make shift spray bottle, I did buy a new cute one that I’ll show you)
***I got all products from Nakumatt.

ACV Benefits;

*Balances scalp and hair pH – Our hair has a pH of about 4 to 5 and if you remember your chemistry lessons, that means our hair is acidic. Raw apple cider vinegar is alkaline in nature so it helps balance out our hair (creates an equilibrium/who knew I’d ever use chemistry when it came to hair) and remove build up without striping the hair of it’s natural oils.
*Seals the hair cuticles – ACV helps seal our hair cuticles for that shiny, glossy look. This is achieved when light reflects of the hair when the cuticles are sealed.
*Treats dandruff, dry and itchy scalp – I suffer from an itchy scalp on and off (read as forgetting to oil my scalp) and ACV has actually helped due to it’s antibacterial and anti fungal properties.
*Promotes hair growth – On the same lines as it’s antibacterial properties, ACV helps unclog hair follicles that are clogged by bacterial infection which will inturn promote hair growth. Also massaging it in before you rinse it off, helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp which means hair growth.


And there you have it, hope this long post helped out. And if you try the ACV rinse, do let me know if it works for you.

Jo. ♥


Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Flat Twist X Bantu-Knot Out

Good Morning!

I hope your week has been good so far. Mine went from excitement to “oh, my walls actually aren’t white”. That is the peak of my boredom as school was closed indefinitely. More on that later.

But hey, new video went up on my channel showing how I combine a flat twist and Bantu-knots to create a cute style for those who are like me and miss the TWA phase. And let’s just take a minute to appreciate the curl definition, like hello, who says you need an expensive product for bomb ass curl definition.

My products are still the same, except that I replaced the Castor Oil with Scent free Tropical Coconut Oil that I bought from Nakumatt.

I hope y’all enjoy the video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Jo ♥

Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair | Two Strand Twist Out

Hello! Hello!

I’m back to filming videos as well and it has become quit therapeutic for me.
I have been rocking the twist out since I big chopped in 2014 and what I love about it is that I can wear my hair in the twists for a few days as a protective style and it is a win-win situation for my hair and myself as well (don’t need to bother with it daily) lol

When it comes to any style, good products that work with your hair are key. When you find the perfect products for your hair, the battle is halfway done.

Products used;
-Cantu Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioning repair cream (Super cosmetics)
-Ideal Castor Oil. (Any Supermarket)
-Africas Best Organics Carrot Oil Cream. (Super cosmetics)

I hope the video was helpful and that the twist out will become your best friend for those lazy days.

Jo ♥

Health & Beauty

Finding Yourself

Hope you haven’t forgotten about me.

It has been about 5 months and I think it’s safe to say that I am back. Taking time off and just stepping away from everything was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I had began to feel as though I was drowning from everything and everyone around me. I felt drained day in and day out and I just had to escape from that reality.

Everything was slowly falling apart and I needed to find a way to fix it before I lost who I was as a person. Trying to please everyone just eats you up and you forget who you are. I was in a situation where I was letting everyone dictate to me what I should be doing and how I should be going about it. Home felt like the last place I wanted to be ’cause it was just cold.

When life hits, it hits you so hard you break inside. I closed myself off from the world because experience has taught me that you have to deal with you before you can deal with others. I usually receive this comment. ‘You are doing psychology, I’m sure you solve your own problems.’ Excuse me, but we to are human so we do need a shoulder once in a while. I vented, I cursed at the world, I cried, punched a few walls and even wrote letters that I read out loud. And in doing all this, I released so much pain a weight started to lift off my shoulder.

I began to find myself again and connect with who I am and what I was created for. It took a lot in me to accept that life is always going to throw the worst of the worst at you, you just need to know that you are fully equipped to handle everything.

I am happier than I was 5 months ago. I do take time to breath and assess every situation and not run into it blindly, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. With each passing day I am more at peace with myself than the day before.

In the beginning of the year a huge curve ball was thrown at me and with finding myself and learning what I have learnt I was ready to face it. If that is my new path bring it on, but guess what? It was just life saying, ‘gotcha, I was just making sure that you are ready for reality, so just go back to your usual shenanigans.’

And with that I’m back to blogging, vlogging and facing the world with a smile each day.

Life is always going to be there, just remember that you are never alone and you are ready for it.