The Money That Made Him Poor | Giveaway

It is best for us to tell our stories to the world.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Let’s talk films, to be precise, Kenyan films. There is something interesting about telling our  stories from our own point of view. Now comes in Tony Tini Tone Productions, a Kenyan production company that’s dedicated to just that, telling our stories, our way and in their own words, “Two childhood friends decided to come together to tell stories of living, learning and loving in Africa. Our motto is Our stories! Our Way!”

One of those stage plays is “The Money That Made Him Poor”  a story of WB, a young man who is forced into Nairobi – the land of corruption and seedy deals – after the death of his father. Will this world take him under or will he be able to make it in Nairobi without losing his soul? Money, Power, Her! Can he handle it.

Yeeeeeeeeeees, now that just got me excited. 😀 😀 😀

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-12 at 14.21.12

My heart was immediately captured by the story, because this is the case for so many people who move to the city to make a better life for themselves and end up facing so many difficulties. “Will I make it?” “Should I give up and go back?” “What is life?”

Now the only questions I have is, will WB make it? What happens? I cannot wait to watch it and have all my questions answered.

The stage play will be at the Louis Leakey Auditorium at Nairobi National Museum from 27th September to 30th September 2018. With three shows every day at; 3pm, 6pm & 8:30pm. And more exciting news;

I am so ready for the stage play, I kinda, sorta have my outfit all planned out 🙂 🙂 🙂

Now for the really juicy part. I have partnered with TTT productions to give one of you awesome babes, one of three backstage passes, where you’ll come backstage to meet and hangout with the cast before the show. Take pictures, chat, get to know them and their characters, all that jazz.

All you have to do is buy an early bird ticket (click here) and then your name will go into a raffle draw, where one of you will be picked and I will announce the winner on my instagram page (@justnimu) on Monday. As simple as that, all the best ♥

The tickest are very affordable, from Kes. 750 – Kes. 1,200, depending on what package you want.

Watch the trailer and let me know what you think.

And the count down to show time begins 🙂 🙂 🙂

Can’t wait for y’all to watch the full stage play as well, see you then.


My Style

Lunch at Dusit D2 Rouge Deck

All you need is a good laugh and a support system that will not judge.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Can someone please explain to me why it’s so cold? Is this how winter feels like? I’m just so confused ’cause I don’t remember last year being this cold.

Anyway, two Saturday’s ago, my girls and I went for lunch at The Rouge Deck at Dusit D2 and I must say, having that time out form all the hupla in life is always worth it.

Faith & Fiona. Friends from 2003

Don’t we look all cute and stuff? The three of us have been friends since 2003 and I must say seeing this two grow into the women they are is just AMAZING.
Our plan was to dress up and just hang out, but as you can see, I kinda, sorta threw that plan out the window. Hahahaha but I still looked cute, right?


Knit Top – Belonged to Mum.
Jeans – Toi Market (Ksh.200)
Head tie – Street in town.

As you can see, I opted for a knit top that I made off-shoulder and my favourite pair of jeans EVER.
For my hair, I just put it up in a bun and tied a headscarf, because girl, my hair was a mess.

Lunch was okay, I’ll give it a 5/10, at least for what I had, the fish & chips.
Now, I love me some strawberry Daiquiri and for the life of me, I don’t know why it isn’t at every single establishment, but that’s okay.
I ended up ordering the daiquiri and let me just tell you the rum in it, hit me like a ton of bricks, but I liked it. 8/10.

If you plan on trying it out, I recommend it for a nice afternoon hangout because they close at 6:30pm.

Here is a vlog from the day, plus you get to meet my friends. 😀

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. If there are places in Nairobi you’d like me and my friends to try out, let me know.

Smile, you don’t know who you’re making happy

Jo. ♥

Sex Talk

Wine, Sex & Chill | Sexual Relationships

At times you just need someone to help you escape from the realities, even if it’s just for a while.

Hey, Hey, Hey.

Sex used to just be a form of release for me till I understood what I wanted from the relationships in my life.
It’s okay to love sex, it’s okay to enjoy it. We currently live in a society where everything you do is judge, so why not do what you love and just ignore the judgy Mcjudgy characters who think they know everything.

Being that I’m in my third sexual relationship, I feel like I have enough tips and tricks to share with you what I think about SRs.

In episode 2, I explain what SRs are to me and the lessons I’ve learnt so far.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re in an Sexual Relationship and how it’s going for you.

Jo. ♥

Natural Hair Journey

2017 Life Lessons + I’m A Graduate.

December 31 2017.

Hello! Hello! Hello!


It honestly feels as though we blinked and the year just came to an end. If you told me at the beginning of the year that I will be where I am right now, I’d say you are just being mean. I went from being in love and so sure of my relationship to sitting at a new friend’s floor typing this out and just laughing at how comfortable I am being single.

This year has been one of those years where I just want to throw it in a box, lock it and throw the box down into Davy Jones locker, because what the fudge cakes was this year?

I turned 24 in October and I wish I was somewhere different than where I was.
I have never really experienced “rebound sex” and now I have and at a time where I should have been with friends and family, I was faking.
If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know I’m starting a Sex Series on my YouTube channel dubbed “Wine, Sex & Chill” and this rebound was sadly bad sex. I had to wait 3 months for it to be corrected by my new friend, let’s call him Kris ;-). And because of this, I have a new rule “NO SEX IS BETTER THAN BAD SEX.”


I reconnected with my primary school friends, hey Cashy & Fi.
Between July & October, I pulled away from everyone, I was in a really bad place and very done with the world and when everything came crumbling down I somehow wanted to talk to these two and how I had missed them, 14 years of friendship is no joke and I’m glad I have them in my life.

I’m slowly finding myself.
I have always felt that I was hiding from who I am and keeping what doesn’t appeal to societal norms deep within, but now I’m like fudge it, you know? Hahaha and yes, I am being a good girl and not actually cussing. I am not ashamed of who I am, how I look, how I think or how I feel.


It’s okay to close a chapter and move on.
I thought I had found love and that he was the one I would spend the rest of my life with, but the universe had another plan and weirdly enough, I have come to terms with that. I am looking at it as life lessons that our 5 year relationship was meant to teach us. I am a different person than the 19 year old he met and I am grateful for what we had and how we grew from our experiences.

Everything has it’s own timing.
I finally got to graduate from the University of Nairobi with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree with a Second Class (Upper Division). My word, the stress that I went through was a bit too much and when my name appeared on the list, I legit cried from happiness. I was so relieved and excited to be done with that phase. I honestly believe that this was the right time for me to graduate, everything in my life education and career wise are falling into place and this is just the first block.


Enjoy life with all it has to offer.
I know we all want life to be all positive and happy, but we need to accept also the bad days as they show us how strong we are and they are lessons in their own. It’s okay to want to get away from everything and everyone, but don’t dwell on the bad for too long. I like to just get away from the house and do something different.
2 weeks ago, I had a really bad Monday, so on Wednesday, I called up Kris and told him I was coming over. I had planned for a few hours of distraction, but it turned out to be 2 days of something different. And let me not lie to you, I had just met this guy on Tuesday, but there was just something about him that I needed to know. Moral of this is, get out there, experience new things and people, but be safe.

These lessons basically sum up my 2017 and that is also why I took a step from blogging. My blog didn’t excite me anymore, seeing my url with .wordpress.com just made me sad, but I fixed that, now we have justnimu.com *Does Back Flip*. Let me know what you think of the new site, okay?

Happy New Year loves and I hope to see you in 2018.
I have a few goals I want to hit in the new year, but we shall talk about that later.


Jo. ♥


Lifestyle | 2017 Bucket List

Hello! Hello! Hello!

How was your Easter Holiday? Hope it was great.

If you are a home body like me, you know getting out of the house has to be prepared for, but I’m trying to change that this year. This is the year to get out of my comfort zone. And what better way to do that than create a list of experiences for 2017.

This year Eventbrite come up with “Experiences, not Things!” It has become so easy for us to spend most of our money on material things, why not change that trend and spend it on new experiences.

So, I have come up with a list of things that I and my better half would like to experience, but the more crazy experience belongs to him, there are some things you will never catch me doing. No thank you, I’m not chasing death here. 😂😂😂

  1. Experience the coast on ‘lazy mode’.

I’ve been to the coast about three times, and this Easter made it four. All the times I’ve been there involved activities, and don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed visiting all those historical sites, but my lazy self and I just wanted to be on chill mode. Hahahaha. And I finally got to do that. Just soaking in that sun and getting my tan on.
This was my schedule;
Breakfast > Pool > Lunch > Pool & Ocean > Dinner > Bed (And repeat)


So, lazy mode in coast  ✔︎✔︎✔︎
Quick Tip ; Save up for an all inclusive resort, you get to be extra lazy 😃😃😃


2. Climb Mount Kenya & Mount Kilimanjaro.

For the past few months I’ve been psyching myself up for these two. Reasons being that, I hate the cold and I ‘m scared of heights. But I want to experience climbing up them and getting to experience the snow. It’s going to be very cold, but romantic cause you know I ain’t going alone 😉 . Plus imagine how amazing those photos would be.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Source:Lights on Africa destinations & Safaris
Mt. Kenya Source:gotomountkenya.com


3. Zip Lining at The Forest.

Remember how I said I’m scared of heights, but look at me now, wanting to zip line. I’m even getting nervous. Hahaha. But hey, got to face your fears at least once in your life time.
Sorry to say, but Nairobi has gotten boring especially for those of us who don’t drink. The only activities around involve partying and drinking and sorry, but not sorry, I’m too old and tired for that. So, traveling an hour out of Nairobi to Kiambu sounds like just the plan. Plus I think I’d enjoy the adrenaline rush. Woohoo. 😳


4. Bungee Jumping.

Queue boyfriend’s activity.
Me, bungee jump. Hahahaha. I must be out of my mind. Free falling off the Sagana bridge, no thank you. I’ve had to many dreams where I am falling, so I shall just take boyfie there, watch him scare the hell out of me as I enjoy a juicy burger. For this one experience, I’ll live vicariously through him.


5. Experience Mauritius.

After being in Diani for three nights, I fell in love with coastal towns and there is something about Mauritius that is very inviting. Plus how cool is it that you can travel the entire island in a few hours. I want to experiences driving around the entire island.
Babe and I have actually been planning to go down to the Island for almost a year now and I found the most beautiful hotel Mon Choisy Beach Resort .

And this time, I shall be very touristy, no lazy mode here. I want to experience the food, the people, their culture. Take in all the sites and just explore. Plus it doesn’t hurt that, if you are from an African country, you do not need a visa. So, a few coins have been saved right there.


Now over to you.
What do you want to experiences?
What items are on you bucket list?
Want to organize your own event?Checkout  Eventbrite’s online registration page.
Do let me know.
And I hope you enjoyed the post.

Photography | Kamau Karangatha
Jo ♥︎



20 Facts About Me

Happy Hump Day!!

I guess it’s time for y’all to know a little more about me, you might know some of this things or not.

1. I’m a reader, a huge reader. I read about 3 to 4 books in a week. And my current read is, James Patterson – Roses are red. 

2. Speaking of books, my favourite genres are Crime Investigation, Thrillers and Erotic-Romance novels. If you want me to love you forever, get me any of this. Haha.

3. I’m a huge foodie, like, I eat a lot and for a person my size it doesn’t make sense, but you know what they say, small people eat way too much. hahaha

4. One of my hugest pet peeves in bad breath. Hunny no, don’t you even come close to me if you know you have a problem. For example, you might be the hottest person ever, but once you open your mouth and the stench is let out, you’ll become the ugliest person I’ve ever seen.

5. I’m the definition of an introvert, I love my private time and space, I’d come up with the most crazy excuses so that I don’t hang with certain people.

6. Bags, Shoes and Sunglasses are my greatest weaknesses. I can literally spend all my money on this items and I’ll still want more.

7. I’m the hugest addict to flavoured tea, mmmmhhhhh, mouth orgasmic right there. :-p

8. I can sleep for hours on end, I just love my sleep, but that doesn’t mean I’m lazy, I only sleep when I’m free.

9. O.C.D is me, I am O.C.D. Though some things are in an organised mess, everything else has to be in a certain order and organised in 3’s

10. I always feel like, the country I was born and raised in is not the same country I’ll settle down in.

11. I Jo, am a pogonophile. Dear Lord, just take me now. Men with beards are just a huge turn on, like eish, you have no idea. The thought of a beard just drives me crazy.

12. Another pet peeve of mine is when a small person, comes and tells me how small I am and we do wear the same sized clothes. Like really, what’s your problem??

13. I constantly have a cold or the sniffles, and the only time I’m not sneezing is when out at night. This body of mine just confuses me.

14. I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m in love with the idea of love. And when I love, I love hard. Which means the heartbreaks are just way too painful.

15. I can only drink water with a straw, it just tastes better. No judging please. haha

16. I LOVE dark lipsticks, the darker, the better. My aunt says cause I have light lips, I prefer darker colours on them.

17.My shoe size is a  3/uk 36. I’ve been that size since class 6. And 9 years later, I’m still the same size. haha, but hey, the smaller the foot, the cuter the shoes. :-p :-p

18. Cartoons are just the greatest inventions ever. I love watching cartoons, especially the classics. If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll know what I mean.

19. I plan every single conversation in my head, which means I talk to myself a lot. If you don’t follow the planned convo, you become my mortal enemy. haha

20. Lastly, I love hot showers. I can spend my entire day in the shower, just add music and I’m a t peace.

I hope you enjoyed that, have an amazing week.



My Style

Sporty Chic


Good Morning,

Another week has come and gone, I’m just happy of how fast time is moving cause that just means that my big 21 is just 46 days away. Y’all don’t know the amount of excitement in me.

On another note, I think we are finally done with the cold weather. The sun is out, The sky is clear and blue, and it smells like spring. I know I’m not the only one who is ready to soak in some sun in cute, short outfits and all.


To welcome this beautiful weather, I opted for a simple, sporty look.

Lets, talk about this shorts, they’re the very first pair of shorts that I made. Very comfortable and cute, they also have pockets. 🙂 Paired them with my favourite blue top and my all time fav, comfy shoes, the tomy’s. if you don’t own a pair, I suggest you do, they are affordable.


For accessories, I went for this pretty blue beads and chain necklace by Jane’s Beads and my everyday arm candy.


Isn’t blue just a calming colour. Just rests my active soul. Haha

Anyway, I shall leave you with that, it’s time for me to go hang with my people.

Enjoy your Furahi Day (Happy Friday) as we Kenyan’s say. 😉



My Style

Touch Of Floral


It is not everyday you get to play around with the sun.


Good Morning,

I have you missed y’all so much, you have no idea. Thank God my exams are over and I have a few weeks to relax and enjoy myself.

Can I simply ask, why is it cold and we are almost done with August? Like honestly, the sun should be out and I shouldn’t be walking around my house in my duvet, my poor body is suffering over here. 😦

Anyway, enough with my rumbling. The other day the sun decided to grace us with it’s presence so it was time for me to dust off my cute little skirt and show off some legs 😉


I’m one of those girls who loves having fun with clothes but being totally comfortable, and this outfit was just the perfect fit for  this day. Double C (Cute & Comfortable)


I decided to pair it up with this beautiful piece from Jane’s Beads Ke I just loved how the black and red in the necklace was picked up in the skirt. If you know me, I never like planning my outfits, ’cause I end up changing them at the last minute the only thing that remains are my shoes. To me random is always best.


Hi, I’m a short girl and I love my heels. Honestly, is there any girl who doesn’t love heels? Whether tall or short, those bad boys make you feel so good and I never mind the added height, at least I won’t be tip-toeing to hug anyone when I’m in them 😉


This piece is just gorgeous, simple yet bold. And I Love It.

Have an awesome Furahi Day and enjoy your weekend.



Top – Mr Price Online (Similar)

Skirt – Made by me

Shoes – Mr Price Online

Necklace – Jane’s Beads Ke


Matatu Life

Hey beautiful people,

This post is long over due. For those who don’t reside in Kenya, let me explain what a Matatu.
Matatu is one of the forms of public transport here in Kenya. The name originated back in the day.
The cost of transport then was 30cents so the conducter would say “mapeni matatu” (Mapeni – 10cents, matatu-3). With time, they dropped mapeni and stuck with matatu.

I use a matatu whenever I go to school. And every single day there is a new adventure.
A few days ago, while I was walking to the stage, this conductor calls out, “madame mbona umepotea” (madame why are you lost). First of all, I have never seen him. Secondly, that is just ordinary behaviour for conductors.
All I did was giggle and enter the matatu.

The matatu is a 14 sitter, including the driver & the conductor, and it only leaves the stage when full.
15 minutes later, it is finally full and mind you the sun is blazing.
The lady next to me decides to open the window, but this man who is right behind her starts complaining of how the wind is blowing right in his face.
Honestly, I don’t blame him, but imagine this, 14 people in this matatu with the sun blazing and sweating people, obviously the window needed to be opened.
All of a sudden, they begin arguing amd all the rest of us can do is laugh.

When such things happen, I tend to wonder if people are ignorant. What if someone in there had an airborne disease, wouldn’t we all get it.
But hey, that’s matatu life for you.

Hope you enjoyed this post.



Hello February.

Hi everyone,
I hope all of you had an awesome week unlike mine, which was quite busy with going back to school and not having enough time to blog.
I’ll try find time in my schedule, at least every other day or two.

Anyway, I’m so glad January is over it was one tough month. With more downs than ups. The month started off pretty chilled out, with me gracing in the new year at home with my Mum. After that seemed to be going down hill.
1. Having to do my exams on the 6th because of strikes that occurred in Dec while exams were taken place.
2. I was broke like no ones business. As in, opening my wallet felt like a Johnny Bravo moment. There is an episode where he opens his wallet and a butterfly flies away. That’s how I felt. Haha.
3. Time flew by so fast. There was so much I had planned and those plans never happened cause of luck of time. Is that even possible?

For my ups, it’s something I’ve been waiting to do for 6months now. The Big Chop. Transitioning was one hard journey but that’s a post for another day.
On 25th after taking down my box braids, I just grabbed my scissors and began snipping. To be honest, I was terrified but now I love it. Its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder.


My sister actually Big chopped a few days before me and I guess she was my final motivation to do it. Thanks Nyawira 🙂
I’m so ready for this new journey. 2014 seems to be my year of trying out new things and experimenting and I like it. Haha. 😀

Got to go, but I’ll keep y’all updated on my natural hair journey.

Good night.